Miracle Waters Ministries
Miracle Waters Ministries
(aka: MWM) is a member of The Apostolic 
Network of Global Awakening (ANGA).  
Brook Bergey & Laurie Hayden Bergey founded 
this ministry with a heart to see people’s  
lives transformed by God’s goodness and mercy.  
They have spent the last several years chasing a greater understanding of God and His ways.  Brook & Laurie joined ANGA because they were hosting healing meetings in their home,  and wanted to have the covering of an established healing ministry.  MWM was founded in 2007-2008,  after the Voice of the Apostles conference.  Brook and Laurie like to get involved in many things: healing prayer, prophetic outings, Treasure Hunts, and so much more.  That’s why they put an “s” on the end of ministries.  MWM is more than one “ministry”.  Brook and Laurie have completed their Masters in Practical Ministry with Wagner Leadership Institute - Global Awakening.  Brook and Laurie are also respected active members of New Covenant Christian Community Church,  in Bethlehem, PA.  They are currently hosting and leading a Discipleship Class, and work with Pre-Marital Training,  as part of the New Covenant Community.  Laurie is an ordained member of the Deacon Board of New Covenant.  Brook is a licensed minister with Global Awakening.
   The Gift List is one aspect of MWM.  Seeing so many amazing projects going on around the world,  and hearing about the great financial needs,  Brook and Laurie started to discuss how they could help.  Wanting to participate in these projects over & over & over again,  they brainstormed what more they could do for the missions field, even when they couldn’t “go”.   Hoping to draw more attention and finances toward these high impact ministries, Brook and Laurie created “The Gift List”.  (Click here to visit The Gift List.)

     Brook & Laurie have investigated and selected the ministries in these pages because they operate with honesty,  efficiency,  and integrity.  They always like to think that the money they personally donate will be used to have the largest possible impact on the lives of people who really need these blessings.  They wouldn’t be surprised if you feel that way, too.  So, Brook & Laurie invite you to join them in investing your heart and financial help into these international projects.  Feel free to donate to any of the projects in these pages by following the links to their web pages,  or by sending checks to their ministry offices.  Let your hard earned money be put to work to make the world a more Godly, healthy, & lovely place.  

Thank you for your support.  May the Lord God bless you and prosper YOU!

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To get to know each of us more,  please visit our ministry blogs and our FaceBook pages.  The blogs are a lot of fun because we post book reviews, healing testimonies, commentary on conferences, recent revelations, links to videos & messages,  and a whole lot more!

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