40fy My Life

(Heart & Mind & Body & Spirit)

A book by Laurie Hayden Bergey

~ coming soon ~

40+ opportunities to fortify your faith 
and strengthen your soul....

These 40 chapters were originally written as 40 letters 
to someone very dear to me in his time of great need.  
He would be turning 40 in a month,  and his life was falling to pieces.  
I declared,  “Forty is the perfect age to pull it all together.  It’s certainly not too late!”  
I started to tell him Bible stories that revolve around the number 40.
He,  who had never cared about anything Biblical before, was captivated.  
I told him I would write these Bible stories to him,  in my own “Laurie language”, 
to get him though the tough days ahead.  Who knew that these letters would become 40 chapters of a soul strengthening book?  Well,  God probably knew.  He’s clever like that!
“40” is a much bigger topic than either of us would have guessed that day. 

40fy My Life will have many commissions, and reach quite a diverse audience.   
The story telling should easily transcend age, educational, spiritual, and social strata 
speaking directly to the souls of people who are hungry for purpose, peace, and power. 
These chapters could be pondered as a spiritual Q&A journey for people seeking answers, 
or prayed through as a “40 Day Devotional”.  The contemplation sections could be 
used to inspire conversations in a youth group,  or serve as a Bible study format for 
varied small groups.  This book could even be used as part of a recovery program.   
40fy My Life would make a nice gift for someone who is turning 14, or 40-something.  
The tone and the language in these “letters” is quite informal and comfortable... 
 with conversational English and jokes in every chapter.  
It is written from a person who is passionate about God and likes to ask Him 
 a lot of questions,  to a person who is exploring the idea of a “Higher Power”.  
I’d like for people to consider Jesus and the Holy Spirit when they
are on the treasure hunt for God.  
40fy My Life should give folks a lot to think and talk about
whether they are atheists or seasoned Christians!
A set of contemplative questions at the end of each chapter will
prompt people to take a fresh look at themselves,  the Bible,  and a 
God Who is fascinating enough to keep us fully captivated for the rest of our lives.

Laurie Hayden Bergey has her B.A. in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Masters in Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute - Global Awakening.  Laurie has served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, Africa.  She is also a professional glass jewelry artisan.  Laurie lives in Bethlehem, PA with her husband Brook.  Brook and Laurie are in the process of founding a ministry called Miracle Waters Ministry,  which is part of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening.  Yes,  they believe in miracles and Living Water!  Brook and Laurie have a heart for international missions and healing ministry.

40fymylife.com and miraclewaters.org

“40fy My Life” is in editing at this time.  Keep track of what is going on with the book and other events at: Laurie’s MWM Blog